Why is he making it so hard for me to tell if he likes me or not?

I'm 17 and there's this guy who works at the same place I work. He's a couple years older and I only get to see him once, maybe twice, a week. I've really started to like him, but I am so confused with how he feels about me. He makes fun of me for being homeschooled, he calls me loser, among other things. I'll fight right back, but it's starting to get old. I know he's only teasing me and joking, but it's not what I want. He's always touching me and slapping my legs playfully and we've had some really great times together just hanging out at work. He hasn't tried to talk to me outside of work though and I keep getting mixed signals. He called me "pretty cute for a loser" and those are just the kind of things he'll say. He gets me so mixed up and confused and I don't know what to do. I like him a lot, we have fun when we're together, and we can really make each other laugh, but I want to know if he likes me or not. Part of me feels like I'm starting to really like a guy who doesn't necessarily want anything to do with me. I'm just really tired of not being liked back. And I really like him. I wish he wasn't so confusing. One week I'll leave work happier than ever and the next week I'll be more confused than ever. Why won't he try to talk to me outside of work? Why does he make fun of me and call me names and then get close to me and find ways to touch me? I don't understand.


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  • He's just playing around to pass the time. What do you see in him anyway? He treats you like crap, hasn't initiated anything with you, and doesn't seem to be interested in anything happening beyond having someone to keep him entertained while he grinds out his job.

  • You should try to flirt with hi, and see if it can get him get the message to push things forward.


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