Ex of 8 months keep contacting me, what to do

okay seems like I am always hooking up with a**holes. Basically I was with a guy on and off for two years ( my 1st boyfriend at age 20 ) when he dumped me. I wanted to make him feel stupid for dumping me so I began dating a guy right after. eventually I gave the guy sex 2 weeks into the relationship, we had sex twice and then I dumped him because one day when I called him just to check on him. He asked if I ever recorded myself having sex I said no then he said he did and he would blackmail me for 2k. anyways I cursed his ass and dumped him.

He kept contacting me I ignored he said he lied and he was joking. Then he contacted me in dec asking for another chance and in Jan via what's app, through another phone when I deleted him, saying he loves me when I told him I don't want him he cursed me saying some degrading stuff. Anyways I sold my phone and downgraded to a text and call phone. Now that I have upgraded and has what's app again he keeps contacting. what should I do about this dude? Answer and tell him leave me alone or talk to him see what he is saying use the evidence and go to the police. I don't want anything to do with him ever


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  • if you answer him he will black mail you into sex or money and this time he will get the video he wants. if you don't you will stay safe.

    trust me ignoring is the best solution


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  • A restraining order is in order.

    Either that or simply stop using What's App since it seems that's the only way he can contact you.

    Ignoring it works as well; if you fail to respond for long enough he'll just give up.

  • You should just block the contact from him, and ignore him forever.


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