I need some advice on what to do with my ex

I broke up with her due to a lot of stress from my new job and

i told her to just wait it out gill I'm done through the phase I was in . but

obviously she became emotionally upset because I wasn't giving her the attention

she wanted. after I broke up with her we still kept in touch saw each other once

in a blue and she's been begging me to get back together and all this whole time

. Untill two weeks ago I decided to give it a shot because she admitted to all her

mistakes and and I figured why not give us a second chance. I meet with her for

lunch that Thursday before mothers day and we talked and stuff and everything was

fine she was like what happend why do you want to get back together. I told her we

both made mistakes and its not the same without you. The following several days

after she tells me we shouldn't contact one another and she had moved on in her

head and that I am too late . She says that I shoulda came in earlier with all

this . She tells me omar lets just take space then says in my head I'm moving

on I don't get it ? And now she doesn't reply to my calls or text . I met with

her at her job on her break , I sent her flowers that Monday after mothers-day

that she loved but still the same thing . She told me she loves me and cares

about me and but thinks there is some one out there more compatible for me and

her. I don't know if her sister being back home for a little while and moving to

Brooklyn ny and I guess Vickie is moving with her on the weekends because she told me

she is and shell be working here during the week, I don't know if that has a

major effect on her ? I'm so confused and unsure of what to do. She did say that

I let her down and hurt her and she can't trust me not sure if that's just an

excuse. What do you guys think I should do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's best to let her go now.

    • Di you think she'll come back ? Where did all those feelings go I feel like she's holding back now

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What Girls Said 2

  • you hurt her when you broke it off and she met someone else,obviously

  • Let her go. Like you did earlier...


What Guys Said 1

  • You gotta let her go, you kinda blew it by breaking up with her earlier and hurting her but had to do what you had to do and now she's doing the same thing. Learn and move on.


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