Does my ex hate me or still have feelings for me?

Okay so its a long story, but it started with this guy named Jackson, so we both do track and he apparently thought I was beautiful the first time he saw me, that's what he told me, and couldn't stop smiling. So he needed to get my number and got it and wouldn't talk in person he jst texted me ALL the time. But eventually we'd walk to the one class we had together and we'd talk then, and we'd just talk about track or classes or friends. We were both kinda shy round each other but really liked each other. He wanted me to ask him to Sadie but I had already asked another guy. I think he just wanted a girlfriend and this was the first time my dad let me date so after a few weeks of texting I said yes when he asked me out. At track meets, I'd cheer for him and he'd always smile and he'd cheer for me. I both liked eachtoher a lot but maybe it was puppy love? He said he loved me and sometimes would say some weird stuff (like we'd have great kids, or we should go on a plane together). I kinda wanted to break up with him Because he said his brothers birthday was the day of our first date and it was a shakey excuse, but I thought it'd be stupid to break up with him for that (turns out he lied, my friend told me who went to school with him for 9 years) Well my friend said he wanted to break up with me but didn't want to hurt me. And I had already been thinking of breaking up with him so I went to his locker and was like "Hey I think we should break up" and he just said "Yeah" so I was kinda mad and said "Because you kidna rushed into things and we didn't really know each other" and he said "Yeah" and then I walked away. He told someone he didn't want to break up with me, but told another person he had no feelings for me anymore. WTF! He also said when we were dating we had to text everyday over spring break or he'd die from not seeing me because he'd be on vaca. So after we broke up during spring break he texted me to see how I was doing with his new number so I deleted that new number. Also, whenever I see him in the hallways he'll look at me and flip his hair just to mess with me. And in the library one day I was at the table with him and a my friend, Jake, and we were talking about stuff we had to do for sports. So Jake said to Jackson, how much do you lift. He's like idk, a lot... and pulled up his sleeve and "flexed" and looked over at me. I just looked away. wtf why would he do that to me when we broke up! then in an after school club I was sitting on the ground with my friends and all the guys were sitting in desks and he just sits down right next to me. I talk a lot in awk situations so I just started commenting on random stuff about the movie we were all watching in the club. And he texted my friend next to me, saying "Why does she have to comment on everything!" He's such a jerk but I still think about him obviously if I wrote this hole page.
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But he still flips his hair when he sees me and the other day I was walking with my friend and she talked to him so I just walked on by to where me and my friend were going and he looked back at me. We have all 8 classes together next year, he makes my life a living hell what do I do!? Does he still like me or does he absolutely hate me?
Does my ex hate me or still have feelings for me?
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