I always feel really ugly around people especially females

I always feels like I'm some kind of monster when people see me. Like today for example my sister and I had to pay a visit to the nail salon because my sister had to talk to our mother. I decided to stick around because I was board, while waiting there I decided to take a seat on the coach they had. Right next to me are these two girls one was standing then I moved over for her to sit. A few minutes later the women near hear gets up and the girl near me, moves away from me really quickly. I wanted to say I'm I really that ugly to be near you? Then a few hours later I'm at a convenience store looking at the sport drinks when all of a sudden this little girl say hi, So I say hi back her mother goes what did I tell you about talking to strangers? I get where she's coming from but I felt like I was some type of child molester. I mean come on not everybody is a creep.


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  • theres a reason for everything really. I generally don't like being elbow to elbow with strangers unless I have no option atm. as for the parent/kid thing I wouldn't worry about that, a lot of parents are like that. id probably tell my kid not to talk to strangers either, not until theyre older lol


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  • People in the US seem often paranoid these days, and no one trusts anyone, especially people of the opposite sex.

    And the media makes most parents totally weirded out. Any contact with unknown men and they start whispering about child molesters.

    Of course, the molesters in reality turn out to be their personal friends almost all the time--not strangers at all.

    • I agree the little girl caught me off guard I was in the zone. I believe it probably because I have a beard? If I was clean shaven her mother probably would of said nothing.

    • Faircity is absolutely right!

  • The girls may not feel comfortable sitting next to a male stranger or perhaps there were some other things that happened at the same time that they moved away from you and it had really nothing to do with your appearance etc.

    As for the mother telling her daughter not to talk to strangers, didn't our parents tell us when we were young not to talk to strangers?

    You are reading too much into this. please be more positive

  • You are reading TOO much into this.Not everyone is comfortable sitting beside strangers.


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  • Same here, I've also had people move away from me in public transport usually accompanied by a dirty look, as well as hearing strangers openly mocking me, people I know ridiculing me and the obvious complete rejection from the opposite sex.

    I'm legitimately unattractive though, its possible you aren't and are just reading too much into it. Have you ever had anyone (particularly females) call you ugly? If you haven't I would assume it just because people move away on public transport, although its still a possibility.

    • You don't like a bad looking guy. Has for females calling me ugly no not to my face, but I believe they do behind my back. I can't tell you how many times I feel like saying something when I leave a store or room.

  • I feel ya 100% man!


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