I know I did the right thing, Why do I feel so empty?

I recently just cut off my on and off ex boyfriend and I'm honestly happy I did it. He just wasn't the same person anymore, He put no effort into the relationship and I was the one holding it together. Not to mention he was very disrespectful to the end, even calling me a bitch when I ended it. At first I was happy that I had gotten away from him and his emotional abuse, but now I feel so empty. For the past few days I've been doing all I can to keep occupied and it helps me NOT to think of him, but as of right now I'm just sitting here thinking to myself and oddly I miss him.

Even after all he put me through.. I just miss him. The way he use to be, how loving and caring he was and not so much as to call me a bitch or something degrading. what's wrong with me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Number 1, you're alone. You're without any of his attention (good or bad). Number 2, you're missing not having a significant other to help you feel wanted.

    Remember that any guy who would abuse you emotionally and disrespect you is not worthy of your time. You deserve so much better. Move on and find a guy right for you.


What Girls Said 1

  • its all part of breaking up, missing what you used to have,the plans the happy times, but then having to realize it is over..it will take time to heal, but you will and eventually you will be 100% sure you made the right decision


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