Should I just forgive and forget?

in my past relationship I was with a guy that would call me names and that's the reason I broke up with him, I'm seeing a new guy now and I told him about my ex and the things he did and how much they upset me.

So we recently got into an argument and this new guy told me I was being an idiot and said a few other things like that to me, it really upset me because he told me he'd never say those kinds of things to me.

My question is I know I have issues from my past relationship but am I being too sensitive now and making my new boyfriend suffer for what my ex did? or do I have a right to be this upset about the things he said to me?


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  • honestly girl I think you have the right to be upset NO guys has the right to call you any names or bring you down,... any guy who does that is a coward you deserve better..if you guys just started dating and he's being like that when he's mad...imagine a few years what he'll act like? I mean if he tol you harsh thingsand he knows how you were treated in your last relationship he shouldn't treat you like that


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  • You shouldn't compare your past relationship with your new boyfriend. He's different with your ex. Yes, you have the right to be upset for the things that he said, but you should also understand him. Trust me, he didn't mean to say those words. It's hard to be in a relationship with a person full of doubts. You just need to give him your trust. Forget about the past, don't let your past affect you, and just live with the moment.

  • Yes, forgive and forget


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