I will eventually share this poem with my ex. Do you think it's good?

I’ve posted this on here for the world to see

Because honestly it does not matter what anyone thinks of me

The most important thing is winning you back

And getting our relationship on the right track

The boy I was before wasn’t good enough

And these past months have certainly been rough

But one things for certain is that I have changed

My life and desires have been rearranged

I want you to have fun every second of your summer

And not one day be a bummer

I messed up and pushed you away

It’s something I have to live with everyday

Even if this doesn’t open your heart I won't give up

My love for you is a bottomless cup

Their has been so many memories in our life

And not one is filled with any kind of strife

From the first day at softball when I met you in June

To one of our first road trips when you thought I hit a raccoon

To August 15th when I took a shot

And asked you to be my girlfriend in the St. Joes Parking lot

To our first kiss in my dads truck

To going out hunting and missing that duck

To driving to the woods to give you a heart shaped poem

To trying to make your hair curly with a comb

From that first time seeing you in your homecoming dress

To watching you smile at your heart shaped necklace

From going down my hill on a sled

To December 31st of 09 when we thought we were dead

I still laugh when that kid bit your butt through the chair

I loved all the times you let me braid your hair

Then in the summer I wasn’t acting smart

And on July 3rd, 2010 I had my first broken heart

You called me the next day and wanted to see me some more

I must have drove 100 mph to get to your door.

Later that day we held each other tight

As we kissed and watched fireworks explode through the night

Everyday at school you wanted me to get you a propel

I always laugh when I honked the horn at Taco Bell

I remember walking in the hallways holding your hand

How we had our whole lives planned

I remember when you first watched South Park and you cried

I remember our first movie together, The Blind Side

I remember our fishing trip on my inflatable raft

I remember all the tickets we won at the Mineshaft

I remember when I had to save you from floating down the fox

Or when you got asked to homecoming after opening box after box

I remember the golden spatula from our speech

And the time when we had ice cream by the Pewaukee beach

I got butterflies every time we would touch lips

Or when our hands locked, held tight by our fingertips

I remember all the times you would make me sing Taylor Swift

Or the times you would call me when I got done working third shift

I remember the time up north when I got stung by that bee

Or when I was your doctor when you got cut above the knee

I remember that night in the park when you saw a shooting star

Or how cute you looked sleeping in my car

You were there when I got caught speeding

When we get back together we will both be succeeding

can still hear you singing the ring of fire

My love for you will not expire.

You taught me how to spell tomorrow

Our relationship will be all happiness no sorrow

I want you to see all yours friend who go away to college

I’ve worked on my fault and have gained a great amount of knowledge.

I remember when I would get to your house by riding my bike

Or making fun of my gay landlord Mike

I remember driving your parents to the airport

With all you do, you will have my full support

I remember when we had no money at Applebee’s

And the first time you had Shaped Macaroni and Cheese

I remember going shopping after driving to Naperville

Or you laughing at my footie pajamas from Goodwill

I remember Halloween when I dressed up like a hooker

Everyone was jealous because I was a real looker

I remember taking you to the top of where I work to see the entire city

Even when you wake up with no make up and your hairs a mess you are still pretty

I remember that sad day when my cat died

All that pain and all those tears I cried

But I knew I could make it through it because I had you by my side

I’d be happy following you as you shop at the mall

Or sitting next to you watching Brewers baseball

I’d be happy watching all your shows on MTV

Or watching the Notebook on DVD

I will show you I love you in front of everyone and God

We could play some video games, maybe some cod


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What Girls Said 1

  • I love it. I hope it goes will with you two.

    I don't know the reason (s) for ending of the relationship, maybe give her some time and see how things go.

    Good luck to you two.


What Guys Said 1

  • You won't win any poetry prizes, but it's heartfelt, and should impress her, if she can be impressed.! Good luck


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