Girls can you help with Ex Girlfriend Woes.

Hello Girls. I started dating a girl a while back who was a friend, I wasn't that interested in her until she started making the moves and it impressed me enough to go out with her.

So all was well for 5 months until we ended up working together for a few weeks. During those weeks some issues arose and I felt it was best for me to let her go. I was under pressure at the time and when things settled I realized I had made a mistake.

I mentioned to her that I thought working together was the problem and she agreed. Two months later we a still apart.

After we split up, I asked to meet up and on 4 occasions she failed to make it giving many different excuses. I finally got to meet her one night and did something to make up for the mistake which I thought she liked, we spoke of future plans etc all seemed good.

Over the next two weeks it was back to her giving excuses for not being able to meet. I found myself having to be the 1st make contact. One of the future plans we made during the last meet was her work party. I asked did she want to see me there and she said yes. I wasn't sure under what grounds she wanted me there for so I plain asked her did she want to get back together. She said that she can't be in a relationship right now that she couldn't give 100%. I did my best to brush it off I didn't go to the party and the end result was for us to meet up to figure things out which was her idea.

We never got the chance to meet up. I got a bit mad on the day we planned to meet after she gave the impression she was off work that day so I made plans to finish work early so we could do something, she only had time for a quick coffee.

I came back later to say sorry etc but I did let her know she was wrong and she agreed. I've kept contact to a min since then. I saw her last night by accident when I stopped off at her work place. We had brief chat about what we've been up too etc. She asked me would I go to another one of her work parties on fri, I told her I might make it.

When I got home I text her a quick joke about something and mentioned that I was hoping not to see her because I do better when I don't see her and she replied back in good spirits.

I'm not sure what to do now, I did try my best to make up for my mistake but it didn't work. I'm getting on with things and have started dating again but I still think about this girl.

Should I go to the work party? Should I ask for that talk to figure things out again? or should I just get on with my life and she'll come back to me?

I feel like I should be making the moves because I let her go but I've been doing so for two months now.

All advice welcome. Thanks.


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  • You shouldn't let her go.. but you shouldn't hang on either. You should just let her know how you feel about her and take it from there. If her response is less than optomistic you have your answer, at least you gave it a shot ..

    • Thank you. I text her on my way home today letting her know I still felt something was there and that I'm getting on with things but still feel it. I mentioned that it would be hard for me to see her on fri because of it. Finished up with saying it would be cool to figure something out where there is no pressure, just to have a laugh.

      Its night time now and I got no reply to it. Not very optimistic?

    • If I were you I would dub it as a lost cause . Plenty other girls out there .

  • It seems you are trying to force something and its just not happening. Sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Thanks. We had a talk, she agreed to working something out. I turned up to the party the next day and it went down hill from there. She gave me the cold shoulder when I got there and avoided me the rest of the night. I text her to let her know I was leaving and got no reply. The next day I got onto her about it and she said sorry she was working and that there was nothing she could do which was all lies, seen her outside having fun with a group of people as I left. I don't understand it all.

    • I'm gonna say something you probably don't want to hear. She is not into you!

      She is being passive aggressive hoping you get the message and you are not. Pull back and let her go. Don't waste a minute of your life on this one. It will hurt but not nearly as much if you continue down the same path. She is not doing anything wrong. Her crime is not liking you the same way.

    • Shes got relationship issues,she told me this a while back. I've only stuck this out in a way because I feel sorry for her. Her friend told me how she hates to see her ruin guys. I think its crazy for her to tell me in person that she wanted to work something out and then the very next day do the exact opposite. I really let rip and told her how I felt over a few txts. I ended it letting her know that unless she can show some actions to back up her words its best for me that I cut all contact.

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