Ex still talking about me?

So its been over two months since my ex boyfriend broke up with me because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship but still liked me a lot. These last few weeks he's been texting me randomly, like hell tell me stuff about his day or send me an inside joke. He'll always initiate contact, I never will. His best friend told me my ex "wants me" or things like that. My ex has also been trying to become closer to some of my friends that he used to hate when we were dating. Hell tell them like "look what I texted ___(me)" or talk to them about me randomly, all good and funny things though. He also recently talked to his friend about our break up, kind of rehashing it. He doesn't text his other exes or talk about them so I want to know what's up?


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  • The guy sounds confused. Don't let him work out his issues on Your time and with Your heart.


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