Should I tell him I want to be more?

There's this guy that have known for 4 years and was in a relationship with for a year and a half (he was also my first). We broke up last year because I found out he was cheating on me. Since then we have reconnected and have become fwb, but I want to be more (and I know he wants to be more). The only problem with that is, I don't trust him to be faithful and think he's going to cheat again. Should I try giving him a second chance? Or should I just move on?


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  • Well its good to give people second chances but if that preson cheated on you then I think its better for you to move on because more than likely they will cheat on you again and again until they are really ready to be committed to one person.. And you nd him are fwb's tryin to get back into a relationship with your friends with benefits would not b a good thing... he probably has other females that he is having sex with. And if he really wanted to get back into a relationship with you then he would have already asked you out. Besides you two are fwb's so that's probably all he wants.. He's not faithful and you can't trust him you should just move on... I know it is going to be hard to move on especially since he was your first but if you get bac with him he might just end up hurtin you again.


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  • Is he with somebody else, while being friends with benefits with you?

    If he cheated on you, and now he's cheating on someone else, I don't think its in your best interest to take him seriously in a relationship...

    Youre blinded because of the sex. Move on while you still can!

  • I wouldn't trust him either and you have already set it up to happen by having sex with him without a commitment,big mistake


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