Should I talk to her first?

i used to be best friends with this girl, and I was in love with her. we were going to be together officially after she came back from a trip she took. once she came back, she decided she wanted some time single. she remained my best friend for this time though. I was waiting for her for months, but eventually I found out she started going out with this guy so I stopped talking to her, because she'd hid it from me. now, a year later, I still have feelings for her, even though I dated another girl for half a year during this time.

i think she didn't like me because I was too immature and was kind of like a little boy to be honest. I've really changed and matured in this time. so I think that now she and I may work out.

should I message her to show interest or leave it alone and move on?


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  • I think you should apologize and admit you were not being mature about it because you were really broken up about her seeing someone new and hiding it from you. Is she still with her boyfriend? If she is then it would be a bit complicated. For one, she may forgive you and start talking to you again but it would complicate her relationship with her boyfriend unless he's open about her communicating with her male best friend who's in love with her. Or she might decide for herself now she don't want any drama if she knows you still have feelings for her. I'd say give it a shot but only for the purpose of being her friend again. See where it leads to if she replies and keep talking. If she seems to need space then leave it and move on.

    • its been a long time, and no she doesn't have boyfriend, she broke up with him some time ago. but I really don't know much about her life now.

      would it be weird if I messaged her? make me seem desperate or something?

  • send her a message and see what she says.


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