Should I bring it up to my fiance or no big deal?

So my fiance has this single friend.. Okay, he's actually a really close friend--he's the best man at our wedding. Anyway, he always tells us how beautiful we are together. That's not what bothers me.. That's what confuses me. He sends so many mixed signals so I don't know whether to bring it up to my man or not. Because he'll come right back and tell me that he needs a woman like me, that I'm a real woman and he'll mention how lucky man man is. He usually says that when my fiance is around but when I think back to it he's usually busy or not paying attention. And he's not the jealous type either--more like the type to let you go so far before he confronts you about it.. After that he'll kick the sh*t outta you if you hurt me or threaten our relationship. I mean, his buddy's a really good guy and if I were single--maybe, but I found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, ya know? He's not like a dirtbag or anything that's why I need advice. I'm not sure how to handle this or discern these signs.

I picked him and my Fiance up from work the other night (cuz they work together too), we came back to our house and they had a few drinks. I drank Arizona tea Because I had to bring his friend home later Because my fiance has a suspended licence. Anyway, the guys got into their video games and then his friend said it was time for him to go home and he's like, "Man you can just keep playing your game. She can bring me home." But my fiance came anyway.. It just seemed fishy to me. He's always ridiculously nice to me and he's always looking at me with this look in his eye. Not a creepy look but like a longing. I haven't mentioned anything to my fiance yet because I don't want to mess with their friendship. But I took him home from work today while my fiance was finishing up his paperwork plus his friend was in a hurry to leave. It was the first time we'd ever really been alone--being outside their work place chatting doesn't count. The car ride was a tad bit awkward for me Because it was just him and I and I didn't really know what to say. When I dropped him off his voice got really gentle and he's never talked to me in this way before. He goes, "Okay ma-ma. Thanks a lot for the ride. Please drive safe and I'll see ya later." I don't even have children, lol. so is he hitting on me or what? Should I mention it to my fiance?


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  • He is not hitting on you, and you are confusing his desire to know his best buddies wife. It sounds to me more like he is happy for his buddy, and has not been able to find women who are like you. Seems more like he is buddying up with you for advice and he and your fiance just want you to be comfortable with him around. I was good friends with lots of my exwifes friends, and it was never a situation that would have crossed the line.


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  • Please mention it to your fiance. It's only right to keep him in the loop so he doesn't have to hear about this or witness it in another way. It would at least allow him to keep an eye out on his "friend" when you guys are all around. You never know, your fiance may have similar thoughts and wonder the same thing about this guy. I truly hope this friend stays in his place and doesn't do anything disrespectful, but make sure to keep an eye out for this guy.

  • This one's easy--just stop hanging out with this guy alone. Problem solved.


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  • I wouldn't say anything to your fiance unless his friend is making you uncomfortable. Maybe observe how he interacts with other women before talking to him about it because it doesn't sound like he crossed any lines, but if you did misinterpret his niceness for being something else and their friendship ends it would kind of suck for everyone.

  • Ma-ma --- Probably just a slang that he uses.

    I don't think he's hitting on you, per se.

    But if you think it's such a problem then address it with your fiance.

    I wouldn't over think this.

    He just thinks you're a good woman and would like someone similar.


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