I want to contact my ex. Good or Bad Idea?

I had a steamy intense relationship with this guy last summer. I was really falling for this guy but he kept giving me immense mixed signals one minute he wanted to be serious the next he was calling us friends. While making out he once said he loved me then he would make plans for us to go out and then back out of them at the last minute. We never went out on a proper date and the only time he planned for us to do things is when sex was involved ( i.e hotels ). It go to a point where he stopped sharing details about himself , he would come over we would just have sex no conversation, and he would go 2 -5 days without talking/ calling/ texting.

I had no sexual experience before him and I saw how attached I was becoming so I had to end things because I felt in the end I was going to be hurt. He didn't want to end things he even tried contacting me a month later to get back with me saying he wasn't trying to hurt me . But two days after getting back together he was already planing to meet up to have sex. We haven't spoken in 4-5 months and I've missed him so much. In that time I've dated a few guys even had a relationship but the desire for him hasn't subsided. I wanted to reach out to him but my pride won't let me. Looking back I feel that maybe I jumped the gun that I wasn't patient enough he wasn't use to serious relationships but he was making an effort maybe not as fast as I hoped. On top of that I was shutting myself off trying not to get too attached too him.

Does it seem like a good idea to try and reach out to him again


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  • you need to separate the enjoyment of sex from your feelings here because you don't miss him you miss feeling wanted and needed. Remove the sex and the chemical reaction (there's a hormone released when you sleep with a man that makes you feel attached), and you probably wouldn't look at him twice.

    Next time, don't sleep with a man so early on! Give yourself and him a chance to actually connect on more than lust! Then, the lust will be even MORE intense and maybe, even love! :)


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  • You did the right thing to end it, and he won;'t change his spots. He;s just into taking advantage of your lack of experience. He does't have any deep emotional tie with you.

    He won't get better with time, he'l likely just get worse, and cheat on you...

  • Unless he said that he a better man and admitted what he did was not good for you and will not try to do it again

    I think he might just want you for sex or he is trying to make you feel bad

  • I say its a bad idea, you don't even know what YOU want yet from what I read here.

    • The girl is confused, that's why she is asking for advice!

      This is the typically useless anonymous one liner 'advice' typical of our champion poser, Aercz

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