Should I give her another chance?

My girlfriend and I of a month broke up yesterday. I am 25 she is 21. We had a really good chemistry together the month we were together. Anyway, we had a real minor disagreement Saturday night, it wasn't a big deal. I felt kind of bad about it, so I tried to text her the next day and she ignored it, then I tried to call her and she didn't answer. She texted me "why are you being so needy?" I told her I didn't think calling/texting your girlfriend is needy and she told me she didn't like it. I told her I didn't like the way things were going either and we both kind of decided to break up. I tried calling her because I don't believe in text breakups and she told me in a text to "F***ing Stop!". She also did a similar thing after our second date and then called me back 2 days later.

Anyway this time, it didn't take two days, she called me back that night and told me we should be just friends and see where it goes. I told her I wasn't feeling it and didn't want to do the friends thing, she got mad at me telling her we should be together or have no contact and cut me off mid sentence and hung up on me. She called me again that night acting like nothing was wrong, started having a normal "hows your day going" conversation and then hung up later and last night texted me implying we should hook up. I told her in a text she was confusing, I didn't like this hot/cold stuff and that we aren't dating so she shouldn't text me like that anymore.

Today she called me again, starting to act like nothing was wrong, and I cut her off and said that I really wasn't interested in doing the just friends thing again, she got mad again and hung up on me (although this time she at least said I can't do this right now, I gotta go)

She called me again tonight telling me how bad she felt, how she was on her period, its the first one she had in a while because she was on birth control shots before, and it had been making her act differently and she feels awful. She noticeably was upset, so even though I didn't want to do the friends thing, I still felt a little bad for her so I heard her out and comforted her a little bit.

Anyway tonight she just texted me "I want to work things out"

Should I give her another chance? Or do you think everything that went down are enough red flags that I should stay away?


Most Helpful Girl

  • F*** that. If you're having problems like this already, it's just not working.

    • F Her!

      lol, I agree now though

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    she is f***ing with your head ,

    and you can't just blame everything on your period.

    you don't treat your boyfriend like that anyhow

    that is just stupid!

  • I think it would be best to move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • Do you like her? if you like her and always think about her then try it again. kind of a weird she would use the "period" excuse but just ride things out. I wish the girl I liked wanted to work things out.

  • She thrives on the drama, if you want Drama then continue with her. If you want peace and happiness its time to drop the dead weight.


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