I really, really, extremely miss my ex boyfriend

I really miss my ex. It's been a few months since he broke up with me but I really miss him. he wasn't perfect. we didn't date that long. we dated five months but we talked every day, spent a lot of time together, became close to each others families and had amazing sex. he was always making me laugh and he was so attractive. he had a lot of great qualities - all of the ones I want in a future husband.

he told me I was "the one", told me he loved me, all this stuff and then out of the blue, he wanted to breakup. we were long distance at this point - continents of long distance. I am in the US and he is overseas but still...

I miss the time together in the US - he was here for his work and then went back home. he was an expat. I also miss the long distance. I'm still in love with him.

he wants to do no contact. he says it will help us move on and the reason for breaking up was the distance was too hard. it is really hard on me though. I want to be friends, he doesn't want to be.

Idk any advice?


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  • "he wasn't perfect, we didn't date long, we talked every day"

    what it kind of sounds like is you are really really missing the thought of him and the lack of a male companion in your life. I'm sure there is a real element of missing him specifically but I'm sure if you could find someone else to be that companion you may miss the guy less.

    he is right that a long distance relationship in different countries is nearly impossible to do and a clean break is best in terms of being able of move forward.

    I'd suggest really taking solace in your friends and family. Lean on them for support, companionship, etc.

    good luck!


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  • Move on. It doesn't do you any good to stay in the past. Once you meet someone new you'll feel better.

  • You miss companionship way more than you miss exactly him

    He is replaceable... let those words echo through your mind - re-place-able, that's it...

    I know what kind of a person you are, love is your air you cannot live without, you always need to be attached and you attach hard and fast... but luckily you also get over fast.. and easy

    Of course when more and longer involved you become with someone, then harder it is to get over but you have a natural ability to get over fast - use it to your advantage!

    Yes - right now it hurts like all hell, it seems unbearable... but it will be over soon! And you better get out there, it's summertime ;) the perfect time to pick up chicks.. or in your case - being out there an being "pick-able"

    When you'll meet someone new - you'll rapidly start to feel better! You will forget your past like you'll forget your last nightmare disturbing your peace at night...

  • you need to find another guy. this one isn't coming back at all ever. Answer mine please


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