Why everybody here seems to have very high moral standard?

I'm from a Asian country that is considered conservative, however I did find the opinions on this website seems much more conservative than what happens around me.

For example, I searched "cheat", and most people here thought that cuddle and hand holding is enough for considering cheat and most of them declared they never cheat.

However the cheating rate here in real life, as I considered, is very high, I have a lot of friends who cheated, who date married men, who are cheated on. From my personal experience, I used to intern in a organization that invites accomplished people to give free public lectures, over one third of the lecturers( usually married men in their 40s) try to flirt with me during the preparing process, 20% tried to ask me out.

It's not about location or race or educational backgrounds, among my "cheat" friends there're black people, white people,American,Hong Kong people, small town boy, Stanford MBA ,Executive of Fortune 500 and college students.

So I wondered whether it is my prejudice ?or it's most people on this website try to look better than they really are?
Or maybe it is just "cheating event" always leave me a deeper impression?


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  • "most people here thought that cuddle and hand holding is enough for considering cheat"

    Yeah, but remember the majority of users on this site are insecure virgins, with very messed up ideas about relationships in the real world... that's why they are here, they can't function in the real world dating real people.


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  • its the internet when you meet this people in real life they most likely will have much lower moral standards.

  • So cuddling is not considered cheating? That's cool to you if you're boyfriend is off doing that with some girl?

    I agree that people present themselves in a better manner than how they really are though.


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  • You really WANT people to have higher moral standards. I the case you're describing, however, it's a matter of presenting a positive public face. No one wants the world to know about their dirty laundry!


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