Have you ever lost the desire to be selective anymore?

I wouldn't say I'm picky but I definitely know what I want in a boyfriend/someone I date.

I had to move back home from college and I've been really busy the past year making career moves/working. So I haven't dated at all or hooked up with anyone. The only crush I've had all year is a on a taken guy, obviously that's down the toilet.

I'm not desperate at all but this guy that has a crush on me isn't someone I'd like. I don't like him but I'm bored.

I work with all married guys and I rarely go out so it's not like I'm doing much on my part. I plan on moving this summer so I'm not looking but...at this point I just feel like I'd hook up with this guy.

Is that so bad? Normal?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a difficult balance. On the one hand, you should be open minded. You can't truly know someone until you're together. On the other hand, if you settle, you're being unfair on yourself and on the person you're settling for. No one with any self-respect would want to be settled for.


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  • It's not bad so long as he knows the situation. Don't lead him on, just tell him "look I don't want anything serious whatsoever, just a f***buddy for a while then I'm gone."


What Girls Said 2

  • Listen, I've done that and it was the BIGGEST mistake ever. He was a player and a sleaze, but yeah like you I was bored and he gave me the attention I needed.

    I want to wait for someone who's worth waiting for and so should you.

    • I've always done that. You're right. I shouldn't feed the need of someone like that.

    • I know we have needs like guys! lol but I rather wait for the right guy than regret it later with the wrong one.

      You'll be fine.

  • No it's not bad, and yes, it's normal. Go ahead and try it if you want to. I usually always felt like a piece of sh*t the next day though, when I attempted to do things like that.


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