Exboyfriend's girlfriend seems to be trying to get me jealous

My ex that I was with for about 6 months, we lasted and he ended things due to his family problems and now his girlfriend that he's been with for a while, I found out that we have been going to the same school and I barely found out I've had two classes and I notice some stuff he has given her, she shows it off in class and she'll talk to people and they'll just start staring at me but I know its cause she's talking about me cause she's facing the whole other direction. Does he still talk about me to her?


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  • Who knows, and frankly, who cares if he is. He's you're EX, he's not in your life anymore, so it doesn't matter. Go on with your own life and let this new girlfriend be an idiot by herself.


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  • Ignore it. She probably is a little jealous knowing he had a relationship with you, same as you are probably jealous to her. Best thing to do is play it cool, don't give her or your ex any reaction because that's what she wants from you.


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