PAYROLL QUESTION: Please voice your oppinion or if you think that they are breaking a law - which one?

Hypothetically, let's say that I am a cashier at a convenience store. Let's say, hypothetically, that I am an hourly employee that has been with the company for 10 years. Let's also pretend that my boss who is also the manager of the store has four weeks paid vacation per year and averages personal or medical leave/vacation every year that totals around two weeks, maybe three. Now, why this boss is on her vacation.leave,sick time - they have me the hourly employee cover that managers paperwork and various other responsibilities.

My question is this. I make, let's say, $9.00 per hour anything over 40 hours is time and a half pay. Let's say a manager (who does not only her job but doubles as a cashier too) gets a salary of $600 per week.

I think that nothing is wrong. My SO thinks that I should at least be making the managers salary for the time that I do her jib as I am a regular hourly employee - nothing more. MY SO says that my company by not paying me a 'managers salary' is breaking the law and Equal work for Equal pay.

What is your opinion? In case it matters the job is located in Tennessee.
According to her Handbook:

Convenience Store Personnel Job Description/Responsibilities

18) The employee is expected to perform all other duties, which are considered normal and customary in the convenience store industry.
At the restaurant that I work, when we have a waitress working in the kitchen - then why do we have to pay her kitchen wages instead of $2.13?


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  • You are paid to be a cashier. If you want to be a manager, with the associated salary/benefits/responsibilities, then you need to work hard, train and apply for a manager's job. Otherwise, you can keep being a cashier.

    They're not breaking any law. You're doing what is asked of you. Your job title has not changed.

    You could approach the company and ask them to promote you to an assistant manager's job.

    • That's the whole point, either make her a manager or don't - but if you do not make her one, do not ask her to do the job.

      She did ask for promotions. Hell - the only raises she has gotten have been due to minimum wage increases directly effecting her. She got the three promised ones, one mandated one, and one other raise. IN almost 10 years of service.

    • Then I'd question why she's still working there.

    • She is loyal, honest and dedicated. That and this is a small town/city with out much job opportunities.

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  • I don't know what the laws in Tennessee say? But if your doing the managers job while he is away on holidays or off on sick leave you should be paid extra.


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  • Because waitresses are paid less than minimum wage but get tips. No tips in the kitchen means they have to pay minimum wage (at least)

    • Thanks for informing me of that.

  • I'm on your side. No law is broken. While you are doing her job, you are not responsible in the same way she is. She is held accountable to the owner in ways you are not. So you're not fully doing her work.

    If you believe you're worth more than $9.00 an hour, go out and find someone to hire you who agrees with you.

    • The only thing that she can not, or does not do is hiring/firing, schedule (ir was already made in advance - although she has had to make some - at other times - and find employees to cover shifts if someone is sick). Worth $9 an hour. She is worth more. She has never been late, never called out sick or asked for "special days off" or other various schedule changes. She is always there 15 min early and does not leave with out ALL her work being done. Hell, she has even trained other people

  • If part of your contract says you have to take over the manager's duties then it doesn't matter what you 'should' get paid. Equal work for equal pay deals with racial and gender differences, not your job duties during particular times of the year.

    • Thank You. I posted the only section of the forms that we signed that had to do with job duties and responsibilities, above. Line number 18. We have both worked in "gas and go's" before and expecting an hourly employee to do all the paperwork, computer work, bank deposits, ordering, and what not - is not normal. The only thing she did/does not do is the schedule as the manager did it before she left.

  • your SO is socialistic lunatic.

  • They are not breaking the law.


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