My ex cut off all contact I feel depressed and hurt all over again

I was doing well I had him as a contact on fb, Skype and keek

It was like a window to get back after we both healed ( well maybe just me , he is dating already)

This Monday he deleted me off all

We have been broken up for 6 weeks

We have not spoken in 3 weeks we made a mutual decision to remain friends

He did not give me his new email or number

I still feel like I love him

I still love him I don't know why, even though he was 10yrs my senior and had told me he was 29 on our 1st date then 6 weeks later stated his true age

Even though he was horrible to me and pretended at first

Do I have a problem with myself how I can fix this

I am tempted to re add him on fb and Skype

Deep down I know its best to forget him and all that we have done. How can I do that should I do that?

I still feel like we can be together again, that he will regret what he did and contact me sometime. That when I have cooled off all my emotions I should contact him so we can start again but why?

I know its crazy just help me please thank u.


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  • What was the reason for you breaking up? If it was him, then I'm sorry he is just keeping the door open with you as he looks around. If he didn't want to be with you, it is the hardest thing, but you must cut all contact, show him what he is truly missing. It's very very rare people can remain mutual friends after a breakup, whatever initial intentions are.

    I think the issue is you still love him, and you are still hurting. This is OK, and this is normal. He is old enough to know how this all works, and has probably been through it before, so he's a fool for not respecting you and trying to play you. You will get through this, and you will meet someone who wants to be with you and respect you. Do not add him on any site again. This will look desperate, and firstly no one likes desperate people, and it will make him feel like he's got you in his pocket to play with again.

    I say you should cut contact completely. Take time to find yourself again, and enjoy doing things you like to do. You will soon realize there is much more to life than this relationship, and you will be OK. Possibly he will see you moving on and dislike it and try to contact you back. Hopefully then you will have moved on and not need him anymore. This has happened in my experience, cut contact, move on and it's likely they will try contact you again.

    Cooling off is a good idea. But if you still want to contact him, it means you have not cooled off, and your emotions are still in control of you. You are a young and pretty girl. You have a lot ahead of you to look forward to. Young relationships are important to learn from, and it helps make the next relationship be better. There will be a next relationship, and it will be better.

    Rosita is right - the healing process will be more painful and slower if you continue to stalk him. Once you've deleted everything and have no options of seeing what he's up to it's easier to move on. Good luck Bunny.

    • He broke up with me. This is so inspiring thank you

    • Looking back through your recent questions - it looks like this hurting has been going on for a while. I really suggest moving on now and burying the past. If you have the strength to survive through all this hurting you're putting yourself through over the last month and more, then you are definitely strong enough to cut it all away in one day and start your life again.

    • Thank you

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  • Why did he leave you?

    • He got tired saw another girl he wanted to bang but his reason to me is that our chemistry was offhand he wanted to be free

    • I don't know what to say, I know it must be really heavy for you to endure all this. Unfortunately sometimes we think we found someone special and than we realize it was not the case. Best of luck for next time :) My compliments by the way to you lady, you look stunning on that picture.

    • Thank you. At least I have a better idea now about relationships

  • Try adding him on fb and see what happens


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  • You have to let him go. If he "contacts you in the future" then let him come and find you. But the fact that he's already dating elsewhere, and deleted you off his stuff is enough to tell you that it's over, and move on. You will find someone better. You just need to let your heart heal. But this won't happen if you continue to stalk his web pages.


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