What to do, should I make a move?

Ok so this saga has been going on for a while me and a friend both feel more for each other all his mates have told me and every1 had been tellin us to hurry up and get together, wer both scared to make th move I think! I saw him for the first time in ages at the weekend and he had a massive hug for me was concerned about me when he thot something was wrong with me, we were together all night and the next day he sent me a fb message! he's still interested so why is he scared to make the move, should I jus go for it? Or is tht too forward?


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  • Lol wow, you call it a "saga"? This must be pretty epic then.

    Listen, just ask the guy if he wants to go see a movie or something. He should catch the hint. If he's not shy, at some point he will express his feelings, but at the moment he's probably just trying to be on-guard as to not weird you out if he made a move.

    • Yep this has been going on for a year! I just need it to happen

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