Is it just me or my friend is really being such a bitch?

I'm kind of angry with my housemate, recently I dated a new guy, he's a cop from an elite team (cops on this team are famous for being fit and good looking, but no matter what my boyfriend is not one of those really hot ones!). And my housemate, she has a boyfriend who refuse to put a relationship status on FB and keep hinting like wanting to marry her but up to today, nothing happens, not just that he contact her only when he feels like it, sometimes she could sent him a text and he didn't replied her for 3-4 days. At the same time, she's also going out with someone who's living in the same city with us (her boyfriend lives in different city) and apparently she made out with this guy (no sex, guy wanted it, but she refused) and kind of hoping for him too, but this guy too kind of contact her only when he feels like it. Sometimes he ignored her for a week! What's worst, this guy doesn't even put a name to their relationship (he didn't declared her as girlfriend, nothing). Now, we shared our house with my ex (this SOB refused to leave, he gave so many excuses). My housemate keep hinting me that her fling told her to move out from the house because my ex is not moving out (she doesn't mind about it, but I'm pissed that she's even considering what her fling said, for me he had no right to give her orders, especially when he doesn't even want to declare her as his gf? I know for a fact the guy want my ex to go out so he could come and spend a night with her easily). Another thing that makes me upset is that, every time when she saw my boyfriend picture she will be like eww, he looks kind of disgusting! She's not joking, she even made that face like she's really like OMG that's so not my taste! But the point is, her boyfriend the one she's hoping to marry with, looks 3-4 times worse that this guy? And her fling, looks normal, but he works as a seller in a market place. I really don't get it why she's behaving this way? One of my friend said she might feels like there's a competition in place, that's why she's behaving like that. FYI she's 30 still unmarried and I'm 29 years old one time divorcee with 5 years old daughter and yes compared to her, so far I had one ex boyfriend, one current boyfriend and a guy who's wanting to be my boyfriend in case I broke up with my current boyfriend and my friend knows all about these guys (and all these guys text me everyday more than once per day). What do you think? I'm really hurt when she said that about my boyfriend :(


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  • Don't tell her any more of your private life. Next time she's insulting of your boyfriend burn her back about how she's just a booty call.

  • She's a hater.don't let her get to u!


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