Guy might like me, first move or not?

Well I've liked this guy for months but the last month or two I have been pretty positive he likes me back, so many signs but the problem is I have usually made the first moves, I got his number first sort of from a friend. He sucks at texting and things over the internet because he doesn't respond back but he does sometimes. Like he can just drop a conversation. My friends tell me that he's just a chicken and won't tell me he likes me, it seems obvious that they're right. Is there a way to get him to tell me in person or even over text? Or should I tell him, make the first move again? Thanks


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  • I think you made enough of the first moves. But it won't hurt too hint your feeling for him. (Guy are just as clueless as we are about knowing if there crush likes them.) I would bring up how you two became so close over those months. I would make him feel good about himself. Complement him he's personality, looks, and manners. Guy love complements, and if they feel good about them self they might show that confidence into asking you out. If you ask him an open ended question then he has no chose but too answer. Ask " So do you have any plans?' "If you could ask me anything in the world what would you ask." Talk about the first time you meet him, and talk about how cute he was, and say then you personality proved too me you weren't just looks." If he like what he hears ask him what he thought of you. I tried it before , and got my answer. I'm sure it will work for you! Good luck stay confident, and open up. So HE GETS THE HINT :)

    • Awesome responce! Thank you very much, I will :)!

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