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So me and my ex boyfriend don't really talk because obviously, we're exes. Despite the fact that we went out twice and knowing I still love him alot, He doesn't want to get back together with me. He says he doesn't feel the same way. I began to understand why despite there isn't any love left, he still cares for me. But here is the thing. He texted me the other and didn't respond when I texted him back. We're exes no? He shouldn't be texting me. Both of us has had trouble moving on from each other but I doubt he will get back together with me. Whenever my friends speak about me to him, its a touchy subject that no one likes to bring up. But he texted me. He didn't text me with the intention to catch up. And even then, why would he? Unless he still loves me. I just need to know is there anything there yet or am I just second guessing. I mean that last time we spoke was 5 months ago and I was telling him how much I was in love with him. He responded by saying that he does care for me but does not love me. HELP?


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  • It is quite a strange situation. What I think happened was that he found himself thinking about you and then he decided to text you. The fact that he said that he did care for you, but not love you, is a major sign, obviously, that he does not want to get back together. I know it is harsh, but that is how it is.

    I know that it sucks to have unanswered feelings, but sometimes, life is just like that. Since he is being weird about it now, with texting you and everything, I doubt it is a good idea to get back together even if he wanted to. If he texted you something like: "I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE, I AM SO SORRY :(", then you could have given him another change. A message like that means that he still has strong feelings for you. Now that he is telling you he doesn't love you, but that he does care about you, tells me that he has feelings for you, but not strong. In order to have a good relationship, both people involved need to have strong feelings for each other.

    I know that this is not what you want to hear. I hope that it helped you nonetheless :)

    • Thx so much! I've needed someone,not my friends,to be harsh with me. I need to hear the truth and hearing your honest opinion helped. I appreciate!

    • No problem ;)

      If you have any questions still, just ask them!

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  • Yes it's confusing but it sounds like he has you were he want's you.

    Don't go backwards find someone who isn't going to be such hard work.

    He's texting you so he can eventually get back in your knickers! But he won't want the relationship.

    Did you dump him ? Because that's the other reason. He'll make out he misses you. You'll get back yogether and he'll dump you so he can feel like a man. Honey I know you still love him but for your own sake find other who won't play you like this xx


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