I need to move on NOW

I need to move on from my ex boyfriend. It has been an uphill battle between us. One day we want each other and the next we don't. I don't want to be capitulated by his spell anymore. I understand I love him but I feel this relationship is only hurting us. Yet we BOTH cannot move on to other people. I seem to compare him to every guy I've met and/or tried to date. It has been two years and I still cannot find myself a rebound. I'm kinda socially awkward and don't really socialize as much. All of my friends that I have is because when I was younger, I was very outgoing. Not anymore. This relationship has changed me completely because I learned many things about him and I was,indeed, in love with him. I still am. I just need to see if there's any alternate ways to get over him. Any ideas?

PS: We see each other everyday.


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  • This is a band-aid scenario. Your decision and action needs to be quick and aggressive.

    You've literally just got to decide to move on. But it has to be something you decide and then stick to, which you haven't done so far. But then again, you really haven't made the decision to leave yet either. You're going to have to cut yourself off from your ex. Perhaps if moving is an option, that would help.

    In any case, until you make the decision to change things, nothing will change.


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