I want my ex back, but I don't know what he wants

We broke up 3 months ago but we have been kinda talking and hanging out again. He hangs out with other girls though. He knows I don't like them! So to make him mad I hang out with one of his old friends. I told him I would stop talking to him if he stops talking to them, but he didn't stop so I didn't and now he is mad at me and he don't want to talk to me anymore..When we hung out he told me he loves me and wants to get back together but I don't really know what he wants he will not tell me straight up! HELP PLEASE!


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  • Why do you want someone back who doesn't respect you.

    MOVE ON!

    • we were together for 3 years, and when we dated we were happy and he was/is the love of my life!

    • Would the love of your life disrespect you by continuing to talk to other woman after you expressed your displeasure with such action?


      Would the love of your life make the sacrifice because it makes you happy?

      Think about it...

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