Ex girlfriend texts me saying "I miss you x"

Links back to my previous question I guess, a bit of background...

split up because she cheated on me and dumped for a guy who is basically twice her age, we had a long distance relationship(started uni), dated for a long time, I have since been moving on with my life, she has previously pushed for friendship between us. This is 2 and half months since the break up we have had 3 weeks of completely no contact. And recently she has contacted me I either don't reply or do very vaguely. I still have feelings for this girl which I'm trying to loose, which is the problem when she keeps contacting me and the most recent above. I guess I want to know her intentions, is she attention seeking cos she's had an argument with the new guy? Or does she truly miss me? Or something else
Ex girlfriend texts me saying "I miss you x"
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