She's new in town, what should I do?

I went to college in a different state. I met a girl there. At the time she was into me. But me being socially inept, I didn't see that. Eventually I moved back to my home state. She's now graduated and is moving to my home state.

I contacted her and basically said we should meet up when she moves. She's never lived here, so I was wondering how to play this. Should I show her around? I don't have a huge social life, so that might mess me up.


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  • Get out more and try to talk to her.


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  • I'm assuming in the answer that you are interested in her, and want to try for a relationship. You don't need a huge social life to pull it off. I think if you could, go on a double date tour. Show her around the local places with another couple (or future couple). If you need alone time, you can always branch off from the group. Eventually when you are happy with each other, and the awkwardness has gone, go on dates alone. This is all assuming she's interested in you though. Good luck!


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