Is it normal to find your boyfriend boring

I'm 18 he's 22 and we live together. I barely go somewhere because I can't drive that well. He's type that likes to party and have friends. He go out the house with friends but leave me at home but their age group is 21 and over. Is this normal to feel bored with him? He's beginning to be a stranger and we live together. I'm trying not to regret moving in here too soon...I'm going back together and I think sometimes I get more if I go to college and find a boyfriend. I feel like older guys expect more but I also think he love me due to my army money I get every month for weekend training what to think?


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  • Well first of all, this is why I stopped dating girls who are under 21 as soon as I was old enough to have such a standard (I'm 24). The reason isn't because I'm an alcoholic that feels my relationship would fail because I can't go get drunk with my GF. The reason is that I realize that once people hit 21, the bar scene becomes your standard place to socialize. It's the watering hole for adults. Even if you don't drink much (like me), you soon realize that most socializing happens at the bar, watching sports, getting food, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, weekend gatherings. It all happens at the bar. Knowing this, I fear that if I was 21 and she wasn't, we'd be spending a lot of our social time apart. She would be unable to socialize with me and my friends which I feel would stress the relationship, as its doing to do you guys.

    I wouldn't call your Boyfriend boring. As a matter of fact he seems to live a rather normal life. I was expecting you to tell me he watching TV 24/7 and never leaves the house. He clearly likes to do things and socialize. I don't think this is entirely his fault. It's just the unavoidable truth that your not 21 so he's forced to leave you at home if he wants to see his friends.

    That said, He should be aware of this, and make sure that he makes the most of his time when he is with you, and juggles his time between his friends and you accordingly. If he's out with his friends 7 days a week, then that's not good. I used to have a similar situation (I was 21, she was 18). One or twice a week I would go to the bar for a few hours with my friend, then come home and hang out with my GF. The rest of the nights I was all hers. On weekends when we had more time, we'd usually plan something that she could that involved leaving the house. Going to the zoo, swimming, shopping, a movie, a concert, etc. Also, don't get lazy just because you are a girl. You can plan these events yourself instead of expecting him to read your mind and know that you have a problem with how he's living his life. If he seems to reject your offers or puts up a fight about spending a day with you, then you have a problem, but if he seems willing to do non bar things with you, then your fine.

    Dating a college guy won't change this, if anything it will get worse. Most college students are either busy with school or work, and when they aren't, all the want to do is get drunk and party. Most college age guys aren't really going to want nor have the experience to really experience things with you that go beyond the dorm room so to speak.


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  • Imo he's taking you for granted...but not on purpose imo.

    He is simply not used to having a girlfriend to tend his attention to.

    Talking to him about it can be all it takes to remedy this situation. :-D

  • No he's not supposed to just leave you at home and go hang out with your friends. He should include you too. He should also be setting up a time that you guys can have a nice time together alone. IE watching a sunset, going for a walk, go see your favorite band in concert. Please talk to him and let him know your feeling kind of abandoned when he leaves you at home. Now he doesn't need to take you everywhere, but he does need to pay attention to you. One thing you guys can do to get some time together is have him teach you how to drive better.

    • That's not what I'm saying thanks anyway

  • Why is he your boy friend?

    • I'm trying to figure out what to do

    • If I had to guess, I would guess that your only connection with him is based on sex.

      That isn't something to build a relationship on.

      If you find him boring then you probably don't have that much in common.

      If he is leaving you at home, then he is a bad boyfriend.

      Not to sound like a d*** but you are doing what most 18-26 year old girls (note I did say woman) do and that is create bonds built on nothing more than sex. Try finding a relationship built on common interests

    • most -no. some. perhaps and they appear to mostly be on gag.

      most women recognize sex is just sex. its in enough magazines,on enough talk shows... in case just old fashioned using your brain and intuition, the brain didn't work out --you can't really miss it. REALLY. its all over. I've known the difference since I was 5.

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