Guys if you've missed your chance and she really liked you, but she's moving on now, how do you feel?

It was very obvious you both really liked each other, and others were even commenting on you being a couple. She suggested several times you go out - but for whatever reason you didn't go for it. This goes on for months and eventually she starts seeing someone.

Do you feel angry that she's messed you about?

Or do you feel sad that she's gone from you?

How would this make you feel?

I don't want to hurt him or have him think I'm messing him about but I've done all I can and I have to move on if its not happening.



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  • @don't want to hurt him or have him think I'm messing him about but I've done all I can and I have to move on if its not happening.

    TELL HIM. EXACTLY THAT.then youve done all you can. until then you're playing games. ... unless youve already told him. EXACTLY THAT.. then youve don all you can.

    • Thanks - good answer. But I have said it to him several times about us going out, and he has said and done absolutely nothing. I think actions speak louder than words. I think I've been rejected enough already bu him (by his lack of action) - without forcing him to actually say it.

    • Well you know you can feel that way- I understand why, but were not in his head or in his past. you never know he may have reasons.

      id gently put it towards him exactly what you said. you can phrase it or say it so it doesn't sound like an accusation.

      but you know it'd be a pity if he really did like you and just had stuff to sort out.

      itd also suck if you insisted in your mind you're moving on but then didn't because he had good reason for his behavior.

      be very clear once and all-for you;-)

      good luck!

    • if I can get the opportunity with him for a quiet chat I will. But he honestly isn't making it easy, or creating opportunities for us to be alone much, if we spend a few minutes alone its like he always distracts himself with something else and never uses the time to focus on me or create an environment condusive to a chat. its like he purposely avoids us talking alone. or runs away or vanishes in case I bring it up. but I'll try, I promise. but it takes two at end end of the day.

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  • Well there is a void that needs to be filled. Sometimes you fill it with another person, or alcohol, or fear, loneliness and hopelessness.

    it can be an extremely hard and painful feeling, especially for good spirited guys. Some guys see this difficulty as an opportunity to grow in courage and mental strength for future endeavors.


  • I'm sorry but suggesting you go out and actually asking or saying how you feel are two completely different things. That sounds like games which guys hate. So I would be mad, especially if I liked her more than as just a friend.

    • hes the one playing games. I've said several times lets go out together, gave him my number not once but twice. he has never once responsed to these suggestions or ever texted me once. yet he has continued to act very interested. to me - that is the game. I'm the only one being direct here.

    • "suggesting you go out and actually asking" are two different things - how? seriously - how are they different? I said straight out - "you should take me out"? Can you tell me honestly?

      I mean - how much more blunt do I have to be? He's not an imbescile...

    • Ok well then you aren't suggesting but telling. Then you should move on, screw him. Good luck to you.

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