Should I be worried about this situation?

I been living with my boyfriend for 7 months I'm 18 and he's 22. I feel like I'm being slunged around as his maid. He answers the phone for his ex girlfriend and she still love him. When she call in the middle of the night he answers. There were times when he gave me the phone but it seemed like he only give me the phone when he got mad. He never tell me where she stay...him and his ex girlfriend been together more than 5 years...he won't block her number or add her to the reject list. He don't take me out I go some places with him such as the store. He won't leave his ex alone. Also he won't even let me go on his Facebook he won't let me see the phone. His ex text him but he don't respond because he hate texting but she know that as well. So she calls and he answer...he said he don't love her and etc... He's becoming a stranger to me


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  • I think you should be worried about it.

    That said I don't think you should expect to have access to his Facebook or be able to go through his phone at request. Not because he should be able to hide stuff but because trust is an absolute must in a relationship. Your being able to go on his fb whenever you want is just a bad sign for a relationship.

    Back to the ex, tell him how the ex gf's present makes you feel. Tell him that you would like him to draw some boundaries. No more midnight phone calls, and potentially being aware of how much they are talking.

    • He still refused

    • then you need to break up. If he is going to choose a relationship with his ex over a relationship with you then it is clear who is more important. I do believe people have a right to be friends with their ex's but there should be considerations made for the sake of the current partner.

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  • You're obviously not happy. break up.

    • That's not what I'm asking...I'm speaking about his ex and him

    • They're having relationship you don't want him to have. He refuses to end it. Go back and read what I replied first thing.

    • Yes a love relationship!

  • You should be worried and plan for a break up.


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