How do I forgive myself?

Please read this entire page. I don't know why these memories haunt me. They aren't even big mistakes and they all took place a long time ago (5+ years).

One in particular I was hanging out with a friend, Matt, and I saw another friend, Nick, outside playing basketball. I was really bored with watching TV with Matt so I said lets go play basketball. He said no and I ended up going outside for a bit and playing. Then I went back inside and called his mom and asked her to come pick him up. I didn't talk to him for a while after that. Later down the road I had an interaction with him. But the weird thing is, is that I can't remember if it actually happened or it was a dream. The instance is of Matt, one of his friends, and I talking and I go say hi and he's mad at me about the basketball incident. The original incident happened back in 2005/06. The interaction between the 3 of us happened at least 2 years later

Another time is back around 2001 my parents got divorced. I began eating to get back at my mother. It wasn't long before I went from a skinny kid to being overweight. I have never forgiven my mother for the divorce or myself for shoving food down my throat. I'm overweight now and I have a lot of insecurities about my size.

What should I do? Should I try to get a hold of Matt and apologize? Should I talk to my mom about how bad the divorce affected my life? Please give me some advice and some real comments. No douche bag comments please.


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  • u should reach out to your friend ,we all do stupid things when we are young,also I'm sorry your parents divorced and I'm sure you to this day don't know why 100% your mom had to do it,so express how it affected you and hear her side of the story ,after all that was her marriage and she may not have been happy in it.she didn't divorce u.


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  • Reach out to them if it helps you get over this barrier. Your mother did not abandon you! She got out of a situation that was not healthy for her. You do want her happy, don't you? It was not about you.

    get some medical advice and therapy about your relationship with food.



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  • You got to talk to them. They didn't abandon you. No parent will do that.


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