Is 2 weeks too long between seeing each other?

I am not in a relationship with this person but since we met our frequency of seeing each other is fortnightly. We are both not seeing other people(well he says he is not). He is a teacher and has his son 50/50 shared with his ex. Is every 2 weeks OK for the first few months or does that seem odd? Is he interested or not. May I add he is 43 and I am 35
I just didn't want to be fooled by thinking its OK if it wasn't. I appreciate that it may be quality not quantity and he is a grown mature man. I think going slow is fine but struggle to know what we actually are when its so infrequent. Chemistry is amazing, our sons are similar age and we have a lot in common. He is a lovely guy. Another thing that I would love advice on with this man is that we don't text or call each other between catch ups unless its about that.
And he may not reply to a text for days after I have sent it
Yes I'm doing my best to appreciate that he may be time poor and just mature and not needy. Some texts he calls me babe and leaves a X (kiss at the end). I invited him to dinner and his response was...I would love to dine with you but I cannot give up my free night for a few wks babe x (school reporting period atm). I have hung in for 3 mths now but this Sunday it will be 3 weeks since we saw each other. I am trying to be cool and relaxed & no pressure. Asked about this w'end on wed - no reply


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  • He may be emotionally fragile after the divorce,and his wife andher lawyer may be checking for other women his life, as you know..that happens in these situations.

    But you should't let I pass without protest when he doesn't even respond to questions about posible weekend plans. There's no excuse for that kind of thing, regardless of his circumstances.

    If there are reaons he's not available or can't answer your questions, he needs to open up to you . it sounds like you know each other well enough, that he should be able to do that to some extent!


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  • Tehre's no rule about how often you have to see each other, and it sounds like he doesn't want his son involved right now.

    You're old enough to handle being apart, I would think.

    • Being a single dad is demanding of his time and emotional energy..and he may have to worryy about his ex wife monitoring new women in his life.

  • It's not too long at all.


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  • Like marty said, there's no rule about how often you have to/should see each other. It varies from relationship to relationship, and from person to person. Some people have more free time to give than others. Some people are more independent than others. Some people want to take things slower than others.

    He's a grown man. I'm not sure how long he's been separated from his son's wife, but he might be very used to being alone and doing his own thing, or if its more recent, he might want to take things slow, or he might not want anything too serious/time consuming right now. He's a teacher, which means he probably works the whole day, and brings his work home with him (preparing lessons, grading tests, etc.), and additionally, he has his son half of the time and he needs to dedicate time to him.

    Really, you have two options.

    1. Relax and enjoy your "relationship" for what it is right now. As you get to know each other, he may start wanting to see you/talk to you more frequently.

    2. Talk to him about it. Let him know that you'd like to see him more often, or text/talk on the phone more often. That said, asking questions always comes with the risk of getting answers you might not want to hear. It might be, "I really like you, but I don't have all that much time to see you more often","I'd love to spend more time with you!", or it could be, "I just want this to be a really casual thing, I'm not interested in a relationship".


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