How can I learn to let go around him?

So this guy i’ve been on and off with for 2 and a half years now, mainly hook up’s but a few months ago I said I wanted to settle down and now he wants to settle down too. I don't know when I was little when someone liked me he was mean to me and i’ve picked up that habit. I hold back too much and don’t do sweet girlfriend stuff. I wish I could be the sweetest girlfriend he’s had but idk. We don’t have a history of being sweet, were more scarstic and cocky with one another that’s just always been us. But now that were together together he’s beeing so frekin sweet to me and I don’t know i’m just like da f*** you being so sweet for. I don’t say that but I think that. WHy can’t I just let go and be sweet? and what are some sweet things girlfriends can do for their man?


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  • Make sandwiches.

    Treat Steak and Blowjob Day as a serious holiday.

    Basically, anything food or sex-related will do.

    "Sweet" things:

    Place notes randomly around his place with inside jokes.

    Leave him presents in his car (SD card with new album?)

    Hug from behind.

    Massage his head slowly with your fingers during normal conversation.

    Unexpectedly kiss him in public.

    Surprise him with tickets to a concert or an original date idea.

    Have him find a case of his favorite beer in the fridge.

    Plan a surprise birthday party with his friends.

    Anonymous Guest's (Female) opinion: "Don't overdo it, because he'll get used to it and he won't treat these things as presents,but take them for granted. If they're rarer, he'll appreciate them more. If it's daily, he'll get sick of it."

    • guys like to be hugged from behind? that’s not emasculating? lol He grabed my hands the other day and guided me to give him a hug from behind, I don't know thought it was odd but whatever guess guys love that sh*t too

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    • it worked but we had a fight on the 4th and kinda haven’t talked so ya

    • kiss & make up

  • Compliments and surprises.


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