Dealing with Baggage?

How do you deal with a guy who seems to have baggage?

He dated his ex for 7 years, broke up over a year ago. She supposedly cheated on him throughout the relationship and has since moved out of state with the guy she cheated on him with.

I know it is normal for him to be cautious with girls, but how do you deal with it or convince them not all girls will do that to him? He seems to be really into me, but gets hot and cold.


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  • Must you deal with baggage? While it's natural to want to conform a person into believing whatever you so wish, we really need to look at the facts here. He was with a girl for 7 years, and she dumped him and left with the new guy. He told about this. Why? To make you feel sorry for him? Or so that you'd view him in a nice guy light? I think honestly, it's that he's simply not over it. For one, he didn't have to tell you. Yet he still did, so it's still fresh on his mind obviously. Now everyone has baggage, of course. But at least you get to analyze the situation here. Should you deal with a man who can't get over a 7 year relationship? Or should you look for a man who is more focused on the future?

  • Simply find a new guy.


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