Can an ex be just friends even if he has a girlfriend?

I have an ex whom broke up with me to go back to his ex in Belgium. Which I get they have a lot of history together and they do seem perfect for each other. I did wish him luck in his life wherever that maybe. I don't want him back but after sending that message, he messaged me back asking to meet up. Now I'm a bit septicle on this since I do keep a tiny bit of contact with my exs. Well when I say a bit I mean when I head out to town for a night and happen to bump into them I say hi how you getting on and leave. Now I kinda was hoping on the same thing here. I don't want to start anything as he's still online dating site as single, but on Facebook there is photos of him and her up all over it from profile photo to backgroung image. My question is should I meet him or is he just playing here with my feelings.


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  • You can try to be friends but all the times I tried with my ex's feelings started coming back for them so if that happens you should cut all ties, even tho it might hurt

  • Yes, just friends.


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