So, what would you do if you were planning on breaking up or stop talking to someone, and then their parent...

Dies! A massive blow like that! Wtf would you do? That is something I am faced with :(


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  • What a terrible situation! I worry too much about other people's feelings so I have a hard time breaking up when far less serious problems happen. My experience is not exactly representative. On the one hand, it seems cruel to add another blow to his life. On the other hand, it doesn't seem like a good idea to stay in the relationship simply because of that.

    My suggestion is to postpone the breakup for a while. If you did it immediately after this, there is no way that he could avoid connecting the two traumas. Perhaps you can use the situation to create a bit of distance by supporting him more as a friend than as a boyfriend. For example, if you're not comfortable with physical activity with him, you could suggest that this doesn't feel right under the circumstances. When he gets to the point of wondering why your reactions have changed, you can ease into a breakup. At least then you will have shown support and kindness during the worst of it.


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  • You just cancel all personal contact outside of condolences. There's no need to break up, since the person isn't going to want to pursue a relationship for a fairly long time in this sort of situation.

    By the time the other person is ready to resume any dating or other contact you've had, they may well want to end things themselves. They've had time to think objectively about how you are gettiong along, after all, and may have drifted away from you completely.

    If you need to formally break up with them, you can certainly wait until the point they start to want to see you again.

    As I said, it probably won't be necessary to formally break up by that time. Things will have ended peacefully from the time spent apart.

  • I would still continue with the break up.


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