I need some advice. How can I move on from my amazing ex boyfriend?

Long story short, I met this guy 2 years ago that was absolutely amazing to me. Always held the car door and any other sort of door open for me, constantly showed up randomly with flowers, always wanting to take me out to a fancy dinner, always bringing gifts, coming to pick me up at my house, and giving me back massages. I mean this guy was AMAZING. The problem is that I was raised to think that guys should act like this so I was very appreciative of it. I didn't even realize all the great things he did for me and I wish I could have told him "thank you so much" whenever he did such sweet things for me but I never did.

Fast forward to now, I'm single and I've been on about 100 dates (no joke). Every single guy I kid you not, is a total and complete douche bag to me. I'll have guys that won't even hold the door up for me and they are very selfish. They make me come to THEM and then the only plans they have for the night is to watch a stupid movie on their laptop while they tried to get in my pants and we drink some cheap beer. It's horrible and I'm so sick of it. I guess it's punishment though

How can I move on from this great ex when all I do is think about how all these douche bags are nothing compared to him?:(


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  • go to him apologiz and here in this position you'll really know if he like you OK darling go to him maby he is the one but do not be upset if he do not whant to talk to you or something cause he will feel like what ever he'v dun for you you did not like so go for him not once not twice do not accept rejaction maby he is the one ! good luck and if things get better let me know if you whant ! I just wanna be happy for you !


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  • You've clearly moved on somewhat because you're not with him anymore. I don't think the don juans amongst us look for girls on internet dating sites (assuming that that's how you've been meeting them). I think if you look for something amazing, chance are you will be disappointed.

  • We've been conditioned not to be as nice as your ex because then we are labeled as a "nice guy" and everybody knows that nice guys finish last. Still, about those 100 dates you went on, those guys sound pretty lame!

  • So you took the nice guy for granted.

    Sorry, totally not trying to pour salt in your wounds.

    It happens. I am guessing that at the time, you were thinking that he was too nice and it kind of got annoying at times?

    I have had girls that worshiped the ground I walked o and at that time I just wanted to be left alone but now I kinda regret it at times.

    And I think its just that I am mature now, single and want some girl who loves me for me and respects me the way I would respect her.

    Sometimes being appreciated is annoying when it is happening at the moment but when it is gone forever, you realize how much you really miss it

  • Find a new guy immediately.

  • Why don't you go back to him and apologize, and say to him what you wrote here?

    How much is your pride worth? Compared to happiness?

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