Me, and my x. Trying to Get Back together..

Long story short, I thought she was cheating on me. I got paranoid. We broke up. she's a single mom and I couldn't see her son..

So I decided to move. I missed her too much.

She missed me too, so I moved back. We started texting and then one night slept with each other. Then we text alot. See each other once a week, maybe. And that's it... She says she doesn't want a relationship but if it was with anyone it would be with me.

Tells me she is focused on her son. I know she wants me t get my schooling set, I'm doing that for me now.. But I just don't understand what she wants. she wants me but not a relationship... She says one day at a time.. So confused...


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  • It sounds like she wants you to get your feet together but at the same time

    but she having a relationship with you - would distract you from that.

    She's waiting for you after you sort your stuff out first.

    Rushing it could ruin every thing here.


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  • Don't chase, back off - she will enjoy the fact you are running around after her like a lost puppy. Give her space, go out with friends and meet new people. Don't always message her back and when you do, make it a few hours or a day later and say 'sorry, I was out' don't give her too much detail. We love what we can't have so make it a challenge for her

  • For now Hatton her trust back. Treat her like a queen. She'll come around =)


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