I still like my ex but I have a boyfriend!!:o

Okay so I have a boyfriend but I still have feeling for my ex I think about him alot. Me and my ex dated for 4 months but stopped talking after one night that he got mad at me for texting his best friend. We haven't talked in 3 month I've tried saying hi but he won't respond to my texts. I really like him but my boyfriend is so sweet and I don't wanna hurt his feelings. The thing about me and my ex is we never broke up just stopped talking for 3 months. I'm so confused if its considered cheating or what but he had a girlfriend to but they broke up a few weeks ago. I guess that we technically broke up but I miss him. Should I tell him I still have feeling for him or should I wait for him to come to me because he's recently been texting my best friend and he said she amazing and he likes her. I'm getting jealous and mad. Idek what to do! Help! Any suggestions? Tips?:/ I'm so clueless!


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  • emmm you did some bad things all was you falt if I wer you I would of me go to my ex cause it was my falt and your boyfreind you should brake up cause you are not thinking about him you are not jalous of him you let evry thing down then start you relation from the beggining like you tell your ex all what do you think and your boyfreind is trying to make you jalouse on purpose I garenty you this because it's ovious why would he go to your best friend tell me because he know that you will know that he is texting her see...this how boys work so he stel like you any way tell me am I right sure we will figur somthing out !?


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