Why would ex boyfriend try to make you jealous

Me and my boyfriend broke up 6 weeks ago it was only a 4-5 month relationship but I had strong feelings. He was just coming out of a marriage and not ready for a serious relationship well he would go back and forth about that. Anyway we have been on no contact I did try to message him a couple times nice messages no response. I seen his friends the other night and one of them said he told her I was stalking him which surprised me but okay. So last night I ran into him he was with another girl and I was with a guy he came up behind and tapped my should and said hi. I thought that was that I said hi. Then he kept looking at me all night staring. When the girl left he came up to me and said my friend said he seen you last night you were with a guy was it this guy and I said no and then he looked shocked and said how are you are you happy and then asked who I was with the night before. I said yes very happy and I said are you and he said I am doing OK I said well you look really happy because I noticed he had kissed the girl. So then he made out with her right there it was a concert and then kept staring at me after so I gave him a dirty look when I did he moved away from the girl started talking to other people and was right by me. He was smiling and me and looking at me like he used to I me he was relly flirting but I was disgusted he would not care at all about my feelings so I left. What does all this mean I am really confused now
Talked to him today he said he meant nothing by this and was just trying to be friendly. He has already met someone he likes a lot and it will probably be an exclusive relationship even though before that was what he didn't want because he just got separated. He said we can maybe hang out if I want I said no I would respect his new relationship. Boy was I wrong oh well now I know the truth I am really glad he gave me that closure.


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  • Some guys can be very immature like that. They don't want you, but don't want to see you with any other guy. And if they do, then then get mad, as if you are doing something wrong. Just delete his number and move on. You don't want to get back with an unstable guy like that anyway.


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  • Because he's your ex.


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