How to talk to an ex again? I want her back

So my ex girlfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago. We have had no contact since then and I have realized that I want her back. She made my life better and I felt I did the same for her. The reason we broke up was that she had a bad relationship before us and wasn't quite over that yet. We started dating two months after they broke up so she didn't really get over him and she said I was too good to pass up and not try to date and get over her ex at the same time. She couldn't do this so we broke up and I gave her space, but now I want her back. Any ideas on how to talk to her again and see if she wants to try another relationship? Any advice would be great here.


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  • Well, it seems like it's possible she may want you back too, I cannot be sure though, but I would really tell her that you want her back and if you're willing to wait for her, you can do that so she'll know you won't be going anywhere. Or ask her if she still wants to be with you. I'm just assuming, providing what I believe would be the logical answer. But if you need something to just break the ice with her, maybe call her and ask if she needs a friend to be by her side or something to that nature.


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  • Am really sorry about that,but the best way is to talk to herabout that just tell her that you were always there before and you will aways be there for her.tell her that you want her back. She made your life better when she was with you.


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