Does she ever want to get back together?

In my relationship before my ex (so my exex) I got really hurt in the end and have had trust issues that I brought into my last relationship. There have been a few times during the months we were together that I snap and automatically resort to ending the relationship. Of course a few hours later I realize my mistake and I come back. I know I made mistakes and so has she but aside from that I treated her perfectly and we loved each other very much. We got into a big argument over another person who is in love with her, I broke up with her two weeks ago because I couldn't control my trust issues. When we broke up she was devastated, asking me for a chance, even suggesting being friends with benefits so she could have some sort of intimacy with me and wrote me a long letter about how she's never loved someone or cared about someone so much etc. A day or two passes and she would barely talk to me or text me back. The break up was starting to hit me but it was too late.

Two weeks later she has a thing going on with someone else and is trying to shove it in my face on every single social network. We talked a few days ago and it seems like she was trying to show me how "happy" she was without me. it was obvious that we are still very much in love and she admitted to me that she is still very much in love with me and really misses me. BUT also told me she doesn't want to get back together, "we don't work right now" "maybe one day" etc. I told her I wasn't ready to be her friend and I wasn't going to talk to her anymore (which she got upset about). I am currently on day 3 of NC.

Any suggestions on further action and what this all means?


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  • She wants to show you that she's fine without you, and she doesn't want you now, she's still hurt, from you breaking her heart.


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  • It seems not


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