Why does he keep flirting with me?

But he never makes a move. Its becoming quite frustrating and I am thinking of moving on. It's been months and we are both single. Is this the right move for me?


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  • I know how you feel! It's so frustrating and you don't know why they just won't ask already! I know the guy I've been exclusively talking to/ seeing for the last 8 months is like that and it pisses me off so much sometimes that I have to break to be strong enough to be patient and wait. If your situation is like that, if you're going to continue to be patient, make sure he's someone worth the wait. Someone you could see spending your life with. And someone who loves and cherishes you too. Maybe the timing just isn't good for him, and he's waiting it out. I don't know the situation though, so I can't really help. Hope this at least helped a little. I know how frustrating this is!


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  • He's shy in nature.


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