Should I tell him how I really feel about him?

I dated a man for about 9 months. we had the best time. no arguments ever. truly enjoyed each others company, but we both knew due to certain circumstances in the long run it would never work out for us to be together for ever. we both knew it had to end. and it did. 2 months ago. he told me that he was falling in love with me and knowing we could never be together he thought we should end it because the longer we waited the more it would still hurt though. he never stopped texting me. just friendly stuff. but now he started telling me he missed me. and that basically he still wanted me. I told him he was not allowed to say those things anymore. HE ended it so he can't come back and tell me this..he apologized and he stopped saying those things..but now I wish I had never said that. because I miss him and still want him too. and now I am afraid I have pushed him away for good..should I go back and tell him? he still texts me everyday. but just cordial texts like you would get from any friend. I just miss him so much. what should I do?
no. nothing has changed, it still would never be able to last, it just feels like being with him sometimes is better than Never.


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  • I'm confused: you say it had to end because of outside circumstances (rather than one of you broke it off) and now you're wondering if it had to end? If it's true that it had to end, then to say how you're feeling would only make it more painful for both of you. Did something change so that a relationship is now possible?

  • This is going to be hard for you regardless. You both have to be really careful that your feelings for each other don't start something that you'll both come to regret later.


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