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Scenerio: A guy acquaintance and I had a "no strings attached'' arrangement..This ended 2 years ago(he has a girlfriend).Our physical relationship had ended but we still kept in touch through online chat.We have always chatted online and have continued to this day to do so quite frequently.This has been going on since the no strings attached had ended.A lot of our conversations back then were very flirtatious, sexual,fun,etc.And still are till this very day..However it doesn't go any further than that.We have always talked like this to each other even right before we hooked up for the very first time two years ago.

Why does he still chat me up like we did when we were friends with beneifits? If it were you what would be the reasons and why would he still even bother with me anymore now that we're no longer sleeping together?


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  • One of two possibilities:

    - He genuinely sees you as a friend, and since you've already actually had sex, you don't have the sex issue getting in the way. He probably just genuinely likes your company. It's the exception to the rule, but it happens.


    - What is probably less likely, but still possible, is that he's keeping you on the "back burner" in case it doesn't work out with his girlfriend. In that case, he'd hope to be able to transition back to a FWB with you pretty quickly if that happened. I think this is less likely because he probably wouldn't be making nearly as much effort to stay in contact with you if he didn't like you as a friend, but there ARE a few guys who are just that obsessive about not losing anything once they have it, even a FWB.


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  • He wants to hit again cause if I was talking to an friends with benefits I would still wanna have sex down the road

  • Because guys are just flirts in general. and if a girl flirts back then he is most likely to flirt back.

    If he was a genuine guy and his relationship with his girlfriend gets stronger, then he is most likely to stop flirting.

    And though at times he may be tempted, if he likes her enough then he will be loyal.

    Most guys keep there options open by flirting if they aren't absolutely sure.

    and now days us guys just aren't absolutely sure because times are changing, relationships are changing and marriages are failing.

    so when guys see marriages failing pretty commonly, they feel that there is absolutely no hope for loyalty.

    I would say that this is the way for women as well. But I am not a woman so I would leave tht for the woman's point of view of answering to my answer to you or better yet, them probably leaving an argument.


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