He admitted me likes me... then said he likes another girl?

I told a guy that I liked him, and that I was sick of waiting around for something to happen, he needed to do something about it. He immediately called me, and told me that he liked me too as more than a friend and wanted to work something out with me when we both are out of school.

We'd talked it over since then, and he told me that he would've made a move on me when we hung out a month or so before, but didn't because he was thinking of another girl that he had met at his school, and that he was sad that I wouldn't be home as much over the summer, but relieved and happy for me. I asked him why he was relieved, and he said it was because he felt like he was giving up on the girl he met at his school (two hours away from mine), but they weren't together or anything because he was moving back home for good soon. He said that he likes me a lot, but we aren't in the same city right now.

So, does he just see me as a friend or does he still want to be with me?


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  • well you are not in the same city so it would be hard to move things along with him even if he does like u

    • so...?

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    • i thought it would work better since we both live in the same hometown practically, we just go to different schools. please refer to my other quesitons

    • so you need to ask him that question..we couldn't possibly knw how he feels,does he still like the other girl?

  • I think he is a confused guy who doesn't know what he wants. Just don't dwell on him. If it's meant to be it will happen, but don't worry so much about it.


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