If we constantly fight and make up do we share feelings for each other

Haha I am just wondering if a girl still has feelings for me if we get in nasty fights all the time through texting. Where they end up seeming like we are in a relationship, but we are not. It usually ends with her trying to make me jealous that she is still with her ex boyfriend who cheated on her. Me laughing and saying that its pathetic she brags about being with someone who cheated on her. Her saying she wishes we can be friends one day and what not. My main question is why are we both acting like we are in a relationship during fights, but when we are together we act like there is nothing there.


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  • I'm not sure you’re asking the correct question. First you said, "Wondering if a girl still has feelings for me if we get in nasty fights all the time through texting." What kind of feelings are you referring to? And remember text have no emotion so it would be best to stop text and just talk there is a higher chance something one party will take something the wrong way that wasn't the case.

    Next you said, she tries to get you jealous by using her ex-boyfriend. Not understand what she is doing if this guy obviously should be the last person she should be still keeping in touch with. Just shows how mature your friend is. And what exactly are you doing to get her to this point not sure of what caused this to happen?

    Then you said, "she wishes we can be friends on day and what not." If she is still has her ex in the picture and she made this comment. Sounds like she perceives your relationship as something more than friends even if you don't give it a title.

    To answer your question about why you both act like you’re in a relationship and not is because you are. Like they say it take two to tango you are contributing to this madness. Why are you "friends" with this girl that you keep having fights with. If I kept having fights with a guy I would be gone by the second fight. What are you getting from her that you can’t leave?

    • Thank you for your answer you are right nothing.

    • Sorry, things won't work out with you and your friends but this is best for you.

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  • Sounds to me like she has feelings for you. Otherwise, why even bother with you?


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  • If you always fight, it means that your relationship will be incompatible.


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