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My friend came to me and ask me for advice confided in me about several things about his relationship. I basically told him he has to do what makes him happy. Meanwhile his girlfriend broke up with him. That crushed him! So I supported him on moving on. Well while at his place I sense his ex was back in the picture. And he is acting the way he was when he was with her. We would talk almost everyday know its once a week maybe. I'm not jealous, he is a good friend just concerned about him. Especially when her leaving him affected his health and caused him to be in a deep depression. I would be happy for him if he found another lady to be with that will treat him better than his ex but he actions not good. So I'm not made at him just decided to back off as a close friend and he knows that I am here for him if he needs me. I had a weird dream about him, the dream was sexual and he initiated when I woke up I felt so weird. Yes we are attracted to each other but that's all nothing going on. He even told me that when he was with his ex she thought he liked me or something.
yea I thought he was getting close to me. There's nothing between us but friendship!


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  • That's good that you didn't tell him what to do in his relationship because the worst advice you can give a friend is tell them they should leave. No relationship always has rainbows and butterflies so there will be some bumps on the way. Just be supportive that's all you can do at this point. The problem I have with confiding with someone of the opposite sex is that you could be contributing to his confusion on how he feels. He is running to you for advice but realistically he should be just working it out with girlfriend and coming to some middle ground. I know you want the best for him but the relationship he has with you might be closer than you think. If he comes to you for advice over his girlfriend then how will she feel? He might have to give you up to make his girlfriend feel she has more secured of their relationship. Talking to a guy pretty much every day you might as well date him. You might like talking to him every day but the fact is he has a girlfriend and you need to limit your one-on-one conversations. It shows that you have no respect for her and their relationship. Before you get upset with me just put yourself in her shoes. Have you made an effort to get to know her as well as your guy friend? If not, why is that? Be honest with how you feel.

    • No I'm not upset at what you said. I did get to know her. We were actually friends at one time. I found out how she really is and did not say anything just prayed that my friend see her for who she really is and it happened. Your right talking to him everyday got tiring and awkard. Can you explain what you mean by relationship he has with me is closer than what I think. Thanks for the advice.

    • Since we are women we need and want a man to be our rock,shelter,protector,and even be our best friend. We are humans we are attracted to the opposite but the way I see it is if I had a guy best friend and somehow if my current relationship ended. My guy best friend knows me so well he could actually just pick up where he left off like no big deal. If you or your friend keep running to each other for advice, opinion, help, or whatever it may be your pretty much dating him no point in dating someone

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  • It seems that you're getting really close with your friend.


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  • I'm confused as to what the question is? What actions...his, hers, or yours?

    You said yourself you're just friends and nothing more. If he's back with his ex, then he's back with his ex and should back off like you have been.


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